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Brought to you by the student community of Tokyo Baptist Church.
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Meet people from different countries and languages. Share and learn about cultures.

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The Bible is God’s story of love for you. And we want to share it!

About 45 Streets

45 Streets is a movement to share the love of Jesus Christ. We are a group of high schoolers, college students and young working adults that come from a variety of nationalities and different backgrounds. But we have a thing in common, that is our hope in Jesus.

We believe that Jesus loves us and for this reason we aim to live according to His’ teachings. Jesus tells us to love our creator God, and to love other people by putting them before ourselves.

End-of-the-term exams, college applications, degrees, job hunting, social media, relationships, money, politics: the world tells us that we need to work hard to get to the top, but as a result we are brought down by pressure, stress, anxiety, and dissatisfaction.

However, Jesus shows us that life is not about living for yourself, it’s about loving others. And He sets the example by first loving us. We know that we are selfish beings and continually fail to live up to His standards, but Jesus has forgiven us so that we can start new everyday. And we can have the hope to move forward because Jesus has promised to be with us every step of the way.

Inspired by a verse in the Bible, Micah 4:5, which tells us that in a world where there are many things to believe, people have chosen to walk with the Lord our God, we also want to take our hope and share it on the streets. That’s what we’re about, 45 Streets.

So we have created events and programmes for anyone to join, to get to know us, and hopefully through us, to get to know Jesus. You don’t have to be a Christian to join us. You don’t need to know anything about Christianity to participate. Just be prepared to experience a change in your life!

“Though all the peoples walk Each in the name of his god, As for us, we will walk In the name of the LORD our God forever and ever.” Micah 4:5

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